Yumiko Siev of Schall & Ashenfarb, LLC

Yumiko Siev, also referred to as Yumi, is a 22 year-old Accounting Intern at Schall & Ashenfarb, LLC that pretends to be a scholar on social media. Born on September 19, 1995. She is also at impoverished tutor at the Baruch College SACC Center. In a poorly executed attempt to slander my name, this crazy woman (and I use that term loosely) made a post about me on this site. Despite our relationship ending nearly two years ago, she is still bitter that I didn’t want to stay with someone that has a split personality. Her entitlement combined with her Prince Charming complex creates unrealistic expectations for even Jesus Christ to uphold. The girl dresses like a complete whore and acts like one behind closed doors, but lies to everyone that she’s pure. Gave me the best head ever and was constantly on me, yet claims that I’m overly sexual. Extremely thirsty. Because of that hot body of hers, everyone around her aids her in silly ideals and utter delusions. Her nickname behind her back is Butter because no men think her face is beautiful. For any level headed man seeking to pursue this girl….whether it be in Baruch College…Valley Stream…or anywhere else….save yourself the trouble and don’t. This girl is a headache waiting to happen.

Email: yumiko.siev@baruchmail.cuny.edu
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yumikosiev

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