Whoremonger Matthew Smith BNP Paribas OTC middle office analyst London UK has AIDS / HIV

The prostitute addict Matthew Smith of BNP Paribas OTC middle office analyst in London UK has been infecting men and women all over the United Kingdom.
Watch out for Matt Smith aka “MJSLTD” in London United Kingdom.
He prowls dating sites like Tinder,Plentyoffish etc…under the alias of “MJSLTD” looking for sex and regularly uses prostitutes.
Matt Smith who works/worked at BNP PARIBAS and JP Morgan is a lying cheating piece of shit who uses dating sites and visits brothels even when he’s in a relationship, cheating behind his girlfriend’s back while pretending that he is “single” to the girls/trannies he meet up.
He’ll fuck anyone:women and even men (Asian transgenders are his favorites) and manipulates people for sex and money.
Best to get tested if he hits you up! This cheating tranny chaser whoremonger is riddled with STDs (herpes,syphilis,hiv/aids…) that he got from the prostitutes/skanks he cheated with!
Matthew Smith of BNP Paribas has a small little dick and puts up pics of his small dick on facebook,skype to seduce women and trannies.
Don’t fall for his lies! This piece of shit is not worth the STDs!
Keep your eyes peeled, as soon as he sees this, he will create new profiles on dating sites with a different names,ages etc..He lies about everything constantly, don’t trust this scumbag!
Some of his aliases are: Matthew John Smith Ltd, mjsltd, mjsltd80, smithmatt007, Matthew Smith BNP Paribas, Matthew Smith JP Morgan…
smithmatt007@yahoo.co.uk , matt.smith@bnpparibas.com
Matthew Smith of BNP Paribas is a pathological who lies about everything, and on his resume/ CV as well. Matthew Smith has created lots of profiles to hide the posts that expose him . He even set up a website, which is pathetic and full of lies and bullshits . It is called “Matthew Smith BNP Paribas – OTC middle office analyst”.
I quote “Matthew Smith joined BNP Paribas in March of 2014, where he assumed the role of middle office analyst in the asset management division.”. That’s a lie. Matthew Smith quit JP Morgan Chase in March of 2014 and went straight to a sex tourism trip in Asia during 6 months to have sex with Asian ladyboys prostitutes and probably with children as well. Matthew Smith only started to work at BNP Paribas in September 2014, a job that he got thanks to one his friend that work there.

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