Tricha Curtsinger

A high level sociopath, pathological liar and emotional manipulator who has hep C and conceals it. She will turn around and make herself a victim because she feels unfairly judged. She finds a way to twist words and motives to make you feel misunderstood, and isn’t accountable for any of her actions, as she will find ways to please herself. She finds ways to make you feel crazy, mixed up, and confused, and is great at making you feel guilty, with nothing you can say to her that is ever right to her. When things are well, she is the life the of the party and everyone has to smile with her, but also complains when things get tough and she makes sure that everyone feels as miserable as her. Lost in a life with despair filled with a love affair with extreme drug addictions, sex addictions, lies, manipulation, perpetration, and deception, she will act with rage when confronted about the truth or criticism, and she has disregard to the feelings of others, and has little ability to feel empathy, while pursuing mainly selfish goals.

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