Timothy Bentley

Timothy Bentley works at Charlie’s Las Vegas and has been targeting others for cash scams to rip off the senior and vulnerable members of the community in pursuit of money to pay for his AIDS/HIV medications.. Hi Tim we watched you stealing money from jacket pockets where you work are AIDS/HIV infected and wanted to steal every dime from a senior member of the community.. Tim currently works at Charlie’s Las Vegas lives at 3429 Ferrell Street North Las Vegas Nevada.. Tim will approach you and ask for you to buy him a drink or ask for some money from your ATM account.. If you don’t do either he targets you for his one man crime wave including lying to others about how the target is violent and such.. Tim knows that he was recorded slashing tires on cars in the lot where he works and has tried repeatedly to threaten the victims of his extortion scam.. Keep that HIV/AIDS infected conman away from you at all times.. Friends in Las Vegas never let friends go to Charlie’s Las Vegas ever due to Tim putting broken glass in drinks..

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