Cade Matthew Bonew

So I was a virgin and I slept with this 40 something year old guy. (He seemed nice and genuine) Its been a week now and its starting to burn when I pee and itch really badly and it looks like ive got blisters/warts “down there” and on the insides of my thighs and imRead more

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Michael Connelly/Mikey

During our visit to Las Vegas he was a extremely fat meth looking fat dude.. He sat next to Us and due to his obesity and the smell from his azzhole it was like smelling a garbage dump in the hot August sun.. He repeatedly approached offering gay for pay sex but warning you needRead more

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Sylvia Haydash

Sylvia Haydash, a counselor in Manassas, Virginia is HIV+. Two years ago, Sylvia Haydash traveled to Central America where she had sex with various animals, including the primate in the attached photo. Unknown to her, the primate had Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV.) The SIV evolved into HIV when the primate’s semen ejected into Sylvia’s vagina.Read more

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Jarrod Westerfeld

BEWARE: This dude is with a prostitute named Rachel Reed and they both have herpes, genital warts & crabs. They live in Nicholasville, KY and he pimps her out using BackPages and Craigslist. I know they are infected because I paid Rachel for sex and she gave me crabs and my herpes test will beRead more

Rachel Reed

BEWARE! This woman is an alcoholic burlesque dancer and prostitute in Kentucky and she’s got herpes, vaginal warts, and has had crabs a few times. She runs ads on Craigslist and BackPages but she never tells her johns about her STD’s. She supposedly has her own website too. Even though she has all these STD’sRead more