Darren Ambler: Sex Addict/ Pervert: Pathological Liar/ Mentally ill: Stalker- Infected me with an STD “CHLAMYDIA”- Yeast Infections: NJ:

UPDATE: Darren Ambler residing in Delran NJ is 39 years old. He is a sneak- liar- Sociopath- sex addict- He gave me Chlamydia. This Creepy Jerk lied and used me for sex. Darren Ambler cheated behind my back and had sex with Prostitutes and women with Questionable Moral Standards. Darren Ambler has NO morals- breedingRead more

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Simon Olding – 16 Mona Street WAHROONGA NSW 2076 – [email protected] – 61-412 272 699

Child Molestor / Pedophile

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Brandon Harter

Watch out for this one he will give you HSV only to accuse you of giving it to him. Even going so far as to break up with you. Only to return, saying that since the victim gave it to him, then they may as well stay together because who would want to be withRead more

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