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Aaron Greenspan also know as Aaron J Greenspan had STDs and has Asperger syndrome. scocially awkward and have an all-absorbing interest in specific topics such as cheating the law.Behavioral: aggression, compulsive behavior, fidgeting, impulsivity, repetitive movements, social isolation, or persistent repetition of words and stalker. Neil S Greenspan and Judi are fully aware that AaronRead more

Wayne (Lucus) Burt

Wayne Burt is a known manipulator and womanizer. Due to the large amount of sexual partners Mr Burt entertains, he was diagnosed in 2006 as a STD carrier and women should ecercise caution in any relations with him

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Danitza Radichevich

Danitza Radichevich has had genital herpes since at least her very early 20s. She has failed to disclose the same to at least two sexual partners. She has infected at least two sexual partners. She has falsely accused others of being infected with her own STD to cover up.

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Chris Bentley/Daddy C

Chris has repeatedly stalked and harassed the victim of his attempted sexual assault.. Chris lives at 3429 Ferrell Street North Las Vegas Nevada and drives a grey Kia Soul license plate 76D-964 also he likes to shoplift from Wal-Mart and Target women’s underwear.. He currently has HIV/AIDS and a genital wart infection with a oozingRead more

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Timothy Bentley D.J.Mohawk/D.J. Hawk

Timothy Bentley 3429 Ferrell Street Las Vegas Nevada has been attacking and extorting and infecting the disabled with HIV/AIDS and Herpes to gain control of their personal properties and incomes to supplement his need for HIV/AIDS medication and the inability to pay for it.. So he burglarizes homes and inflicts emotional distress on others toRead more

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Bradley Tipton

He told me at times when he sleeps with women that he doesn’t tell them he has herpes unless it becomes serious. It has proven that he has slept with certain women without protection or acknowledge of his STD.

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