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Anthony STAVRINOS is an incurable pedophile and sexual sadist obsessed with kidnapping, drugging and raping children and is forever a danger to the public, a Crown attorney said Monday.
“Mr. Stavrinos is ready and willing to have sex with anything from two-year-olds to dogs and horses,” said Crown attorney David Epstein, who wants STAVRINOS put away indefinitely as a dangerous sexual offender. “He has left a trail of psychological carnage.”
STAVRINOS from Sydney’s NOrth shore has pleaded guilty to 35 charges including conspiracy to kidnap, drug and rape children, sexually assaulting a dozen victims between the ages of two and 13, bestiality with horses and dogs, and making child pornography.
He has been a sexual deviant since the age of 13, but only came to the attention of police at age 24 after a victim came forward in September 2009. He was charged and sentenced to 5 years jail. During his incarceration period he prayed on on inmates who were drug dependant by buying them luxuries that they could not afford in return for sexual favours. During this time he contracted various sexually transmitted diseases and is a walking disease spaceship.

Earlier in the hearing, a young boy was one of many who broke down as he testified that STAVRINOS had a “sick look on his face” when he lured him into a field and raped him when he was 12 and he was 35. He said he lived in terror when he followed him around and raped him three more times, but he never told anyone until years later when officers came to his door after another victim went to police.
Later in life, his constant craving for younger and younger children became obsessive, court has heard. He dated multiple women at the same time and used his lovers — one of whom was studying early childhood education — to help him get access to young children that he nicknamed “little ’uns.”
In texts he sent to one girlfriend that were presented in court, he described his twisted need to kidnap a child.
“I need a little ’un … I’m dying … I need my kinda fix … I swear I’m just gonna walk into the girls bathroom and grab one.” In graphic, disturbing, detail he describes the things he would do to the child.
“This is just a glimpse into Mr STAVRINOS mind and the evil that lurks there,” the Crown said.
In another instance, court heard that one of STAVRINOS girlfriends got him access to a small child who he tried to penetrate in the water at a public beach, but the child screamed and he stopped. Later, according to text messages recovered by police, the couple discussed drugging a child for a future attempt. The couple also discussed having their own children so they could rape them.
In another instance, STAVRINOS discussed with a woman how they would drug and rape her 12-year-old brother according to text messages police uncovered.
Defence lawyer Eginhart Ehlers told the judge STAVRINOS “wrestles with his demons,” is “screaming for help” and has agreed to take sex-drive reducing medications, often referred to as a form of chemical castration, for the rest of his life.
Ehlers also blames two of STAVRINOS girlfriends, Sara Thompson and Avery Adams, who have since been sentenced as long-term offenders.
“They encouraged him, they participated in it, they even challenged him … they were in essence catalysts to his behaviour,” Ehlers said.

STAVRINOS has been sentenced to ten years hard labour but is currently out on bail pending an appeal against his sentence. Anybody who comes across him is advised not to engage in any sexual contact as he is still an active STD carrier and to keep him away from little boys. The image above is the latest picture of stavrinos when he appeared before the courts for this matter.
His next court appearance is in 3rd December 2016 where it is expected that he will be going to jail.

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