Sonal Chhugani

Sonal chhugani, obese millionaire, is a cheater and a lying slut. Cheats on her boyfriend but doesn tell you she has one when she’s on her online dating profiles. ALSO a complete fucking catfish, posts pictures of herself where she looks slimmer but an absolute walrus when you meet her. Fucked up face, acne scars everywhere which she hides in piles of makeup. SMELLY, STANK pussy, which is no wonder because of how fat she is. Literally tried to buy me off so that I wouldn’t tell anyone about her yeast infection during sex. I wish I never met this smelly fat bitch. I met her after speaking with her online, saw that she was much bigger and she said she was sorry and begged me to forgive her. Farts constantly during sex, found toilet paper in between her ass while having sex EW. Finally found out this skank has a boyfriend…. don’t trust this lying bitch.
Her dad is a millionaire which allows her to get away with a lot. But she’s a complete idiot who studied theater at NYU from daddy’s wallet and uses his money to fund her drug addiction to cocaine.
Phone number: ‭+1 (718) 536-0321‬

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