Mr. Scott Tucker (herein after Mr. Scott), Director of Information Technology, Caesars Entertainment is a Cheater, Rapist, Corporate Sexual Predator, STD Carrier, and a Monster. Mr. Scott convinced the management to only employ female tech workers on H1B Visas to get the work done in his department. At the same time, he has been intimidating those work visa sponsored female employees and demanding them to sleep with him, threatening to terminate them from their jobs and deport them back to their countries if they refuse to cooperate to have sex with him. Mr. Scott has been raping female H1B workers for the past fifteen years in Caesars Entertainment. Mr. Scott was bragging everybody that he was “untouchable” and no one can do anything about him since he was in the upper management.
One brave employee made a sexual harassment complaint to Caesars Entertainment Corporate Human Resources department. Corporate HR found out that Mr. Scott was having unwanted sexual relationship with an Iranian Female IT Employee but there was no substantial physical evidence to support it. Iranian team member also refused to testify against Mr. Scott fearing her life and deportation. Mr. Scott’s then supervisor SVP Ruben Sigala in Data Logistics Division came to Scotts assistance and stood by him. Corporate HR had no other choice but to dismiss the case. Corporate HR went ahead and discontinued the employment of the Iranian female IT Employee, in favor of Mr. Scott Tucker and SVP. Ruben Sigala.
Mr. Scott’s wife “Liz” filled for divorce after she found out that he was having multiple sexual relationships with several subordinates working for him. Mr. Scott attacked his wife several occasions. Mr. Scott was arrested and booked in the Clark County Detention Center (CCDC) for domestic violence.
During the past few years Scott’s sexual attacks continued towards number of H1B Visa sponsored employees. None of them came forward against Mr. Scott as he was so overwhelmingly over powering, using scaring and intimidation tactics on them.
Mr. Scott Tucker is also an “UNSKILLED” individual who brags about the knowledge he has on any technology related work. Of course, he has some basic knowledge on new consumer technology trends that came, such as new iPhone, or Samsung Galaxy, XBOX, PS4, but those were unrelated to the Hospitality and Casino Entertainment day to day work.
Every day after coming to the office, only work Scott did was checking his emails, responding to emails based on his staff replies, and playing PC Games such as Chess, Pool, Scrabble, Call of Duty in his personal laptop, in his work PC, surf the internet, and making racial and sexual jokes. Scott knew that he was lacking knowledge, and management skills to work in a higher position as he was in. Mr. Scott’s then supervisor SVP Ruben Sigala was aware of this, but he kept him under his wing. This was one of the main reasons that Mr. Scott was hiring H1B skilled (female workers) to do the work in his division in Corporate IT, Caesars Entertainment Las Vegas, NV. Not only Mr. Scott sponsored skilled female workers to do the company work, but also, he exploited them by using them as sex slaves.
Most female employees worked under Mr. Scott were groped, touched their breasts, thighs, made cat calls, whistled, and distributed number of sexually explicit jokes/porno pictures to his subordinates using his personal laptop in work daily basis. Few employees who couldn’t bare the sexual assaults/Sexual battery of Mr. Scott Tucker found jobs elsewhere and moved, but unfortunate ones were harassed and assaulted daily basis. Those poor, foreign employees couldn’t do anything about Mr. Scott’s attacks as they were under his iron fist. Those poor employees were held by tight grip of intimidation, and threats he carried out against them. Mr. Scott Tucker is a Cheater, Rapist, Sexual Predator, and a Monster.
Mr. Scott Tucker also bragged that he was a US NAVY Admiral in the Submarine Warfare and worked in Norfolk, VA prior to joining the Caesars Entertainment. Mr. Scott represented himself in the Internet Forums as a “Retired Admiral” from the US NAVY. His internet handles often named “AdmiralScott, or AdmiralScottUSNAVY”. He made sure his vehicle’s (Jeep) name plate displayed as “ADMIRAL” to pretend himself as an Admiral in the US Navy. When he was at work, he talked about the submarines he commanded during the Gulf War. These were all LIES. Fact of the matter is, Mr. Scott was in the US Navy, but he was only a Sailor commissioned to a petty officer after few years of service. He was never an Admiral in the US Navy or worked in any operational submarines. Mr. Scott was stealing valor all these years pretending to be someone that he was not. Mr. Scott Tucker was a BULLSHITTER in the company.

MR. Scott Tucker’s Employment Termination:
Finally, in November 2017 just before Thanksgiving holidays, Caesars Entertainment Corporate Human Resources re-opened Mr. Scott’s old Sexual Assault case, and few other newer complaints that HR Received. After several complaints and physical evidences, Caesars Corporate HR Department, Information Technology Department, and other Corporate Divisions decided to “TERMINATE” Mr. Scott Tucker effective immediately to avoid liability.
Mr. Scott was summoned to the HR/Team Member relations office and informed him that his services are no longer required by the company and effective immediately ordered to handoff all the company properties he has including but not limited to the company Employee ID Card, Name Badge, Key cards/fobs, files, flash drives, Company Laptop, Tablets, and Mobile Phones. Scott was told that he can return on a weekend and report to the corporate security to collect his personal belongings. Mr. Scott was requested to sign exit papers which he refused. At this point he was clearly upset and agitated. Mr. Scott was given the opportunity to ask any questions he has. Mr. Scott asked could he be re-hired to Caesars Entertainment and whether he could get any severance for his work. HR personnel stated that rehiring must be answered by the management, and since it was an employment termination he was not eligible for severance. At that point Mr. Scott stood up and returned to his office. Technically, he should have gone or escorted out to his vehicle and monitored until he leaves the premises, but in fact Mr. Scott returned to his office. Human Resources Personnel immediately called the Corporate Security and informed the situation. Six personnel from the Corporate security went to Mr. Scott Tucker’s office in the Caesars Corporate Information Technology Department; politely and firmly informed Mr. Scott Tucker that his employment with the company has been discontinued, and therefore to leave the office immediately without any incidents. According to several eye witnesses, Mr. Scott refused to leave and sat in his office chair. Corporate security used moderate force to lift him up, dragged him, and pushed him out of the main doors. At this point, Mr. Scott started yelling filth, and cried like a little girl. There were multiple witnesses (employees, contractors, visitors, etc.) to this incident on that day. Then Mr. Scott was escorted to his vehicle by the armed security personnel and made him drive away from the One Corporate Caesars Entertainment office, Las Vegas, NV. Corporate security then secured the building and cordoned off the premises, and informed the Police just in case to protect other employees from any physical attacks that may occur if Mr. Scott Tucker returns as he had a very violent past. That was an “End of decades long sexual attacks by a senior employee in a Corporate Office in Las Vegas, NV.” It was a great relief for all the employees Mr. Scott Tucker was victimizing for so many years.

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