Ron Romeo of Monroe Ave. Properties

Ron Romeo is a heroin and crack dealer
and 14 year addict/thief/ID thief/fraud,
sex offender, child molester, burglar, stalker, phone and computer hacker,
self-reported possessor Of child porn,
and ‘brags’ of having oral genital warts;
whom property manages the company Ventrix NonResidential, for the landlord Arnold Smeenk, M&T Bank, whom lives in Fairport, NY. He steals U.S. mail and peoples’ personal identity information to perpetrate frauds on both government and private agencies. He claims his oral genital warts are from his prostitution.
His mother is a leasbian child molester crack whore living at 17 Monroe Avenue, in Pittsford, NY 14534. He makes false 911 calls and reports, and mostly runs away after calling 911, as he’s too high on drugs to even explain why he called 911 falsely in the first place. He lives at 23 Lawton, located in Auburn, NY 13201.
He’ll steal anything not nailed down and that won’t even stop him, right in front of police. Ron Romeo’s actually that stupid.
He’s been committing crimes since 1998 – at least, but possibly for -much- longer.
He hacks into police dispatch, and also into 911 emergency services, along with peoples’ and businesses’ computers and cell phones, in order to commit financial fraud, identity theft, theft, and very many crimes; violating state, and federal laws.

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