Rhonda J Erwin AKA Rhonda J Munholland

Rhonda J Munholland is now going by the name Rhonda Erwin because of all the people shaming her SO GOOD FOR ALL OF YOU DECENT PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT GOING TO LET THIS LITTLE SLUT GET AWAY WITH SPREADING HER LEGS AND THE HPV STDs she is giving out like Halloween Candy !
She works at MORROW COUNTY HOSPITAL SLEEP LAB so call her at 419-949-3018 or her boss Leslie Dye at 419-949-3014 and ask why she is till employed still at the OHIO HEALTH MORROW COUNTY HOSPITAL

One thought on “Rhonda J Erwin AKA Rhonda J Munholland

  1. WOW, 2,417 times this was viewed on this site alone !
    Well I hope one of them is one of her new screw toys and stops seeing this disease laden whore before he gets all that she has between those legs !
    I am happy for all the re-posting sites that have now spread it to over 7,000 views.
    I hope everyone who ever thinks about having sex with this cunt will consider what she has waiting for them and will refuse to allow this woman to infect them and stop this terrible thing from progressing any further !
    She needs to be ashamed of what she is willing to do just to get her satisfaction…. Just buy a vibrator Rhonda and quit giving out your disease you carry !

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