Rhonda Erwin

Rhonda Erwin Munholland also goes by 3 other last names, She was married 3 times and has 3 kids by 3 different men, as well as having numerous affairs she came down with chlamydia, STD and HPV.
I know of 3 men whom has had sex with this s l u t puppy and now have contracted 1 if not 2 of these terrible diseases !
Her story is always the same… “I have been tested every year and I have nothing” …… Well then if she is, then all 3 guys are just unfortunate to be getting all the same thing after dating her….. But you never know, except for the poor bastard who has throat cancer from the HPV 16 she doesn’t have, then its a true mystery on how they have all been infected and the common factor is the little S L U T.
Anyway here is a pic of the B I T C H that was sent to me from a place called THE TRUTH…. I guess its a group of guys chasing down these stories about Guys and Girls who are infecting people and getting away with it !
Anyway, you be the judge…. they have a website out of Europe and I will put it on here the next post I get from them !

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