rana moses

rana moses of baruch college, a crazy girl who ruined someones life all bcuz a guy she liked didn’t want anything to do w her. she takes things way to far. i think this girl has serious issues bcus she just stays stuck on one thing and thats it. i think only a crazy person takes things this far for such a small reason. she clearly insecure about herself which is probably why she lashes out so extremely cause she knows what other people think so she prob tries to validate herself by doing all these crazy things since no one else validates her. and they dont validate her for good reason. ridiculous, all she cares about is if guys like her nd she looks desperate nd pathetic to them. easily could move on from situatons w guys where nothing even happened, but chose to stay stuck on them adn grew angrier when they showed they werent interested. hugs up on them and touches them when they clearly say no or to stop. wish i never met this cruel, egotistical maniac. she is responsible for ruining ppls lives all because she insecure bout herself nd never came to terms w it. thats what a real psycho is. she needs to be exposed. she shoudnt be working w people , she would probably just be damage to the whole company. her email is rana.e.moses@gmail.com nd her number is 7189746473. just a dumb girl, thinks people cant see what shes up to but everyone knows. ended up looking dumber than before to everyone. smh

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