rana moses

rana moses frmo baruch college is a petty, bitter and gross individual. she ruined my life, reached out to other people to ruin my life and its no wonder no one wants to be w her. she is responsible for destroying me and contacting ppl in my life w lies about me. she wants men she never even kissed and never watned her. went out of her way to hurt me all by herself even tho she talked shit about me, all bcuz a guy didnt want her and she didnt want to here it. she is a life ruiner and a psycho. everyone knows her act to be nice is fake nd ppl know shes a liar. has no ambitions in life other than getting with men. low class woman who createde an idea to ruin my life nd tried to get everyone in my life to come against me but luckily ppl know how trash she is. her email is rana.moses@baruchmail.cuny.edu hopefully she gets fired from her job cus i dont think anyone should talk to this psycho who def cant learn her lesson cus she always thinks she right.

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