Rana Moses

UGLY, trash, hideous girl, RANA MOSES from Baruch college who works at Law firm of Stuart L Weiss, is an evil, manipulative, psychotic person. Had the nerve to say that no men find my face beautiful but look at her??? Ugly, messed up skin, looks like an ugly female version of Chris rock, and says I am butter face but at least I have a body that’s attractive. Her face as well as her chicken legs, stick figure body that no man finds attractive, are what makes her upset and jealous. Because she’s an immature psycho, she sends emails to peoples place of work with lies about them to get them fired. STAY AWAY FORM THIS PSYCHO. She’ll fool u with the fake nice act and then she’ll unleash her inner crazy.
Pathetic. Men find out what she does to them and everyone else she has conflict with (which is probably everyone) and they think she’s absolute trash. Nothing could justify her outlandish reactions to things. Acts psychotic because she’s obviously emotionally and mentally incompetent and has no other way of dealing with her problems. Instead of working on herself (which needs buckets of improvement anyway) she decides to hurt other people who don’t want her in their life anymore because she is a BURDEN always wanting assurance from guys that she’s pretty. WELL she’s not. Started all this drama for no reason but cannot handle whatever comes back to haunt her because she is a weak woman. Had the nerve to call me a whore because the man she wants, does not like her. Don’t know how someone as gross looking and behaving as her could have the standards that she does for men. Better stay away.. her email is Rana.e.moses@gmail.com and phone number is 7189746473

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