Rana Moses

Rana Moses from Baruch college is a gross, bad person. Acts like a child with tantrums and has the emotional capacity of an infant. Not even smart enough to pull of trying to ruin my life. No intelligence at all.
Tried ruining my life all because she didn’t like that a guy thought she was ugly and had severe attitude problem. All for that she tried ruining my life. Psychopath. Rage filled angry woman who only thinks about herself and her feelings and everyone needs to bow down to her even tho she’s no one special. Easily discarded by everyone, no one even cared if she was around or not, and more times than not was a burden. Pretends to be fake nice and that she cares about her friends but she wil turn on u and try to ruin ur life if u hurt her feelings. Imature, childish and goes extreme with everything because she has no emotional capacity. Pathetic, handles situations like a 4 year old would but it’s worse because she will try to ruin ur life as well. Needs mental help before she’s even makes anymore friends cus I feel bad for the ppl who deal w her.

Her email is rana.e.moses@gmail.com and Rana.moses@baruchmail.cuny.edu and her number is 7189746473

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