Rana moses

Rana Moses from Baruch college is a lying, ugly, insecure woman who takes out her angry on other people when it’s her life thats pathetic. Everyone can see right through her, everyone. Not to mention she dresses like a bum, she looks like one too, she eats like a cow. Slurps and chews loud enough for everyone to hear. Just nasty. You would think she would actually listen to everyone telling her that but she doesn’t. Puts no effort into how she looks and acts shocked when men reject her. Not to mention that on top of that she tries so hard with men. Touches up on them even tho they’re turned off by her. Tries to ruins ppls lives that’s she’s jealous off. She looks exactly like this picture. Rana gross Moses. Can dish it out when it comes to talking shit but can’t take it herself. Expects that she can do whatever and say whatever she wants but way too sensitive and emotional to here anything about herself.
Life ruiner Rana gross Moses…
phone number is 7189746473 and email is Rana.e.moses@gmail.com

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