Phil Newland

Mr. Phil Newland engaged in the use of syringes for the use of illegal drug use with members of the homosexual community.. As the former member of the Denver Wrangler management team he allowed the use and sale of drugs on that property as well.. It is rumored he is HIV/AIDS positive due to the illegal drug use on the patio area of that bar.. He has openly exposed himself to sharing needles scat or other blood based bodily fluids due to his homosexual activity.. Our friend who engaged in sexual activity with him also injured by him during BDSM requiring numerous surgeries due to it.. My advice is this to keep Mr. Phil Newland 2285 Ironton Street Aurora,Colorado away from you at all times.. As a manager of the Denver Wrangler he used to stalk people at night going home.. These are the rumors and such related to Mr. Phil Newland along with him dating barely legal young men to enjoy the cherry pop and dumping them right after that..

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