Peter James Bromfield of Tempe cyberstalked youtuber Bella Fiori

Peter James Bromfield / Peter Bromfield , a mentally sick creep from Tempe , Arizona who lives at 1502 s price rd apt 10 , Tempe , AZ 85281 is a LIAR, PERVERT, CYBERSTALKER who wrotes half of the profiles about White women posted on this website , he accuse them of being racist . This LOSER PETER JAMES BROMFIELD / Peter Bromfield has no life and just spend his time stalking white women and write garbage about women he doesnt know .
He is stalking white pornstars and random white women and write all these posts. He is a true psycho !
Peter James Bromfield is an old dirty wrinkly , repulsive creep who needs to pay to get laid = STD infected John
One of his numeruous victims is youtuber Bella Friori. . Here is the profile he wrote about her . So Bella Fiori, if you want to press charges for defamation, you know it’s Peter James Bromfield / Peter Bromfield / Haseeb2 who wrote lies about you !

Bella Fiori, Blacklisted and Condemned Youtuber

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One thought on “Peter James Bromfield of Tempe cyberstalked youtuber Bella Fiori

  1. Chauntell, I have not lived at 1502 South Price rd for years. Call them at ‭(480) 867-6488‬ and ask them if you do not believe me. Besides, why do people need to know my address? Especially anyone viewing this trashy site?

    What exactly is your problem? Exactly what are you trying to accomplish by posting this nonsense about me? What do you want from me? Tell me in person… Make a video.

    We all have issues to contend with in life and I am sure you are not alone. There are many other big, fat, ugly, ignorant, Black Bitches like you who no one wants. Life is whatever you make it. Regardless of all of the shit you post about me, you are still an ugly, dumb, fat, black bitch and nothing will ever change this.

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