Peter James Bromfield aka Haseeb2 ” Rastus “- HIV / AIDS STALKER charged for HARASSMENT

Peter James Bromfield aka Haseeb2 or Rastus from Tempe is HIV positive and is an obnoxious, psychotic asshole! This trifling ass nigga be trippin! He’s a high yellow, black male with mental disorders. Absolute psycho! What a self-loathing individual! He wishes he was a white man instead, and hates being a mixed half breed.

He stalks women on youtube and on other websites. This Peter James Bromfield is a psycho !

Not only is he confused about his race, but he’s also confused about his gender. He’s obviously gay but tries to cover that one up and say that he’s straight. We all know he’s on the D/L. He thinks we don’t know about his perverse and psycho stalking encounters, but we do. Everybody knows of Peter Bromfield aka Rastus.

All the posts you see about White Women and especially White pornstars and strippers and their so called “racism and prejudice towards Black males “are the work of Peter James Bromfield , who is stalking and posting White women he doesnt even know!

This GAY HIV infected asshole has been charged and arrested for harassment. See this article

A State College man was arraigned before District Magistrate Clifford Yorks yesterday afternoon for allegedly harassing a local woman and “hot-wiring” his apartment door.

Peter James Bromfield was arraigned on two counts of harassment, two counts of harassment by communication, one count of causing or risking a catastrophe and one count of recklessly endangering another person, a spokeswoman for York’s office said.

State College Bureau of Police Services officers went to speak to Bromfield, 24, of 333 Logan Ave., about a harassment complaint when they noticed that an electric cord was wired to the apartment’s doorknob, police said.

The 110-volt wiring was a fire hazard and could have seriously injured or killed anyone coming in contact with the door, police said.

Bromfield said the wiring was for protection and only used to scare anyone who would come to his door, according to court records. Bromfield said he had used the system several times during the past two or three weeks.

The harassment charges were filed against Bromfield for calls he allegedly made to a local woman starting Nov. 29, according to court records. The woman also reported that Bromfield grabbed her on Saturday so he could talk to her.

Bell of Pennsylvania traced one of the alleged harassing calls to Bromfield’s residence Monday. The woman reported receiving a harassing note Tuesday.

Bromfield said he made many of the calls and wrote the note, according to court records.

He is being held in Centre County Prison in lieu of $1,000 bail, according to court records. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday morning.

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2 thoughts on “Peter James Bromfield aka Haseeb2 ” Rastus “- HIV / AIDS STALKER charged for HARASSMENT

  1. What does being arrested on a misdomeanor charge of harassment over 24 years ago have to do with whether someone has an STD? Also, I thought that a person’s medical records were proprietary information protected under law. How are you privy to someone else’s medical records?

  2. HIV positive? No. Whoever posted this shit is guilty of slander. I look forward to the day your toothless redneck inbred ass is exposed.

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