Nikita Francis Penalosa Filipina Prostitute , Valcencia and Las Vegas

Nikita Francis Penalosa is a 4 ft tall midget filipina prostitute from Valencia , California . She used to work as a stripper at Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas . Now Nikita Francis Penalosa is in Melbourne , Australia and tells everyone she’s a big model. Lol, who is she kidding ?? Nikita Francis Penalosa prostitute herself and sells her dirty panties to meet ends, so there’s your modelling career !! She also has a complex regarding her Asian ethnicity because even though both her parents are Asians and totally chinese looking, she tells people that she is part spanish and permanently wear crappy blue colored contacts and ridiculous huge fake lashes to pretend to look part white ! But when you take off the 20lbs of makeup , fake blue colored contacts, and fake eyelashes, Nikita Penalosa looks exactly like a 10 years spotty Chinese boy with bad acne ! Thanks God, she got fake boobs otherwise, you d be arrested for pedophila for having sex with Nikita Francis Penalosa
Nikita Francis Penalosa does bareback sex with her clients so beware of HIV / AIDS if you book this prostitute for sex

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