Nicole Mary Karnath, Toledo, Ohio

Nicole contracted genital warts and herpes as a teenager, and out of a desire for revenge, or indifference, has become a walking biological weapon. She has had over 60 sexual partners, including married men, at least two of which paid for her to undergo abortions. She has traded sexual favors for LSD and other drugs, and is prominently featured on several swinger site amateur videos engaged in various sexual acts with men, women, and multiple partners at the same time. Her face is obscured in some of them, but her trashy wrist tattoo is clearly visible, along with the even trashier one on her hip, above her hairy p***y. She hosts group sex parties at her duplex at 1909 Wyndhurst Rd. (lower level) in Toledo, and maintains a number for this purpose: 781-307-6800. Help stop this public health hazard!

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