Michael Shottafer

Michael Shottafer 1951 K-205 North Las Vegas Nevada is active in the Las Vegas HIV/AIDS charities as well others at The Flex Cocktail are whispering he is HIV positive as well.. Not informing others of it’s infection and still engaging in sexual activities with young hustlers for money gay for pay.. Drives a blue Hyundai 544 YRF if you see the car keep it away from you at all times.. Currently unemployed as a volunteer for the HIV/AIDS charities you know what they say.. Those who can work those who can’t volunteer meaning no one will hire him due to past history of being a really nasty piece of work to deal with on a daily basis.. Wal-Mart and Target would like to have a chat with it about a few missing items from it’s shelves and her extremely large beach bag purse..

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