Melodee Eva-Zacchara, Melissa Eley , Melodee Eley. Xoxomelodee

Melodee Eva-Zacchara Melissa Eley Eva-Zacchara Beverly Hills, California

First Name : Melodee Eva-Zacchara Melissa Eley
Last Name : Eva-Zacchara
Gender : F
Age : 38
City : Beverly Hills
State : CA
Country : US
Phone : (703)286-9059
Alias 1 : Melodee Eley
Alias 2 : Melodee Eva-Zacchara
Alias 3 : Melissa Eley
Melissa Eley also know as Melodee Eva-Zacchara and Melodee Eley is a 6 foot black woman who is out to take you for every penny you have. Melodee pretends to be Jewish and preys on ugly white dudes. Dont be a victim. She was living San Diego and maybe now in Santa Monica or Virginia. She is in hiding because so many people are mad at her. Done be fooled. She is not Jewish at all and didnt even convert. The twiiter handle is Moon Cosmic (@xoxomelodee) xoxomelodee

Her tant stinks. I’m doing you a favor and dont fall for her bs.

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