Matthew Smith Camden Town London

Be careful of this creep called Matthew Smith aka “smithmatt007″/”Matthew John Smith” in London who has been infecting men and women with his multiples STDs (genital warts, herpes, chlamydia, HIV/AIDS…) since many years. Matthew Smith who worked as financial consultant for BNP PARIBAS and JP Morgan Chase has contracted HIV/AIDS and other STDs from his frequent use of transexual prostitutes and visits to the cheap brothels in Chinatown, and sex tourism in Bangkok.
Matthew Smith is a creep, pervert, whoremonger, sex buyer, pathological liar and cheater who prowls every FREE dating sites like Tinder, Plentyoffish, OKcupid etc..and websites that specialize in meeting up with Asian transexuals because he has a sick obsession on Asian ladyboys.
If you ever meet this scumbag, then RUN! He is a master manipulator, liar and con artist that manipulates men and women for sex and money. All you will ever get from this piece of shit is a good dose of STDs !
I speak of experience as I was – unfortunatley- with this loser who tricked me to get in a relationship with him, he cheated on me with trannies, ladyboys he met on dating sites and with shemales prostitutes. He gave me his STDs!
Don’t fall for his lies and bullshits !
He is permanently prowling on dating sites looking for sex with transexuals/ shemales to fulfull his craving for sucking dicks and obsession on Asian ladyboys.
Even when Matt Smith is in a relationship he uses dating sites to cheat on his girlfriend with trannies and he visits brothels.
Matt Smith is currently on some dating sites under the username of “mjsltd” ( keep your eyes peeled, as soon as he sees this , he will make new profiles with new usernames), that he was using to cheat on me , btw….
As usual he lies about everything. He claims to be 32 years old, yet in reality he is 37 years old lol ( google Matthew John Smith LTD, you will see the date of birth 27/11/1980 on the details for his company registration).
He also claims to be “looking for a relationship”. How can a guy who prowls dating sites to cheat on his girlfriend is “looking for a serious relationship”? Actually Matt Smith just wants to have sex with as many men, women, trannies that spread legs/butt cheeks as possible. He will pretend that he is really interested in you but it’s all fake lies. He will go to any extent to have sex and doesnt care about looks, he will fuck anyone and anything , even animals. Children are not safe with him either, as he uses social medias for soliciting sex with anyone (even underage), and offers money for sex.
This sick fuck Matthew Smith, financial consultant in London should be arrested and put on the sex offender registry!
Some of his online aliases are: Matthew John Smith Ltd, smithmatt007, mjsltd, Matthew Smith BNP Paribas, Matthew Smith JP Morgan, mjsltd80 and many others…
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