Matthew John Smith – Matthew John Smith LTD , London UK PEDOPHILE HIV

Matthew John Smith ,financial contractor (as Matthew John Smith LTD ) in London is HIV /AIDS positive and does not disclose it to intentionaly infect people with his AIDS/HIV virus.
Matthew John Smith works at BNP PARIBAS and before that JPMorgan in Bournemouth. He got AIDS since few years after having sex with a HIV infected transexual man called Reemy Cass. He tries to spread the virus as much as possible, having routinely unprotected sex with prostitutes and constantly looking for sex on facebook, instagram, dating sites (tinder,pof etc..) and prostitutes websites.
Matthew John Smith has many aliases: smithmatt007, Matthew Smith BNP Paribas, Matthew John Smith LTD, mjsltd80 and many more…
Matthew John Smith has a small little dick and puts up pics of his little dick on facebook : and instagram smithmatt007
Matthew John Smith is a sleazy creep, and pervert ,sexual deviant who is obsessed with trangenders and he is also a pedophile.
Matthew John Smith from London ( company name : Matthew John Smith LTD / Matthew John Smith Limited )has a long track of sexually abusing children , he goes to Thailand, Indonesia for sex tourism to have sex with children and ladyboys. He got caught by the police in Indonesia having sex with an underaged children, but sadly he managed to get away with it after he bribed the police.
Matthew John Smith also used to work in a school in Bournemouth and had sex with school boys and girls aged 13-14 years old. He is also contacting underaged teens for sex on facebook, instagram ,snapchat etc…This sick, evil man needs to be jailed!
Reporting him to the police wont stop him because pedophilia is a common thing in the UK. Just go to Bangkok and see all the old british men picking up children in the street

Matthew John Smith LTD
First Floor, Telecom House
125-135 Preston road , Brighton BN1 6AF
United Kingdom

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