Matthew John Smith Ltd HIV Positive London UK

Guys watch out for Matthew John Smith , who lives in Clapham Junction , South London UK. Matthew John Smith also known under his business name as “Matthew John Smith LTD” has AIDS /HIV and spread it to his partners without informing them that he is HIV Positive.
This low life is a liar, cheater, manipulator by habit and by choice. He cheated on his ex with tranny prostitutes and that’s how he got the HIV . Matthew John Smith Ltd regularly goes to the brothels and massage parlours in Chinatown and Soho. He also goes to Bangkok to have sex with ladyboys. Beware, Matthew John Smith is hunting for new victims ( male and female) on every dating sites and apps. Matthew John Smith Ltd has been permanently on Plentyoffish for the past 15 years, and other datings sites : Tinder, OKcupid etc…
He lies on dating sites about who he really is and his intention. He lies on age, he says that he is 30 or 32 years old but in fact he is 37 years old ( you can see his real birthdate which is 27 November 1980 if you search for his “company” info : Matthew John Smith Ltd / Matthew John Smith Limited ) . He also claims to be “single and looking for a relationship” but in fact he is a cheater and is just looking for sex.
Matthew John Smith works as financial consultant for BNP Paribas and has profiles under the name of “Matthew Smith BNP Paribas” , “MJSLTD”, “Smithmatt007” and many others. Matthew John Smith is often around Clapham / Battersea /Brixton

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