Matthew Austin Thompson, New York

Matthew is a bisexual man infested with Aids..Matthew Thompson from New York area is a homosexual man that’s knowing carrying HIV, Herpes simplex 1 and 2..He has a sex addiction and he cannot commit to just one man or one woman. He hides his Aids because he thinks it’s nothing spreading them to people. What type of man has a relationship for 7 years with his girlfriend (lives with her) (has a joint bank account) and seeks out women to mess with. Wont commit to his girlfriend saying the relationship has gone down hill every year. He said he wanted to have a friend later turned into friends with benefits. He lied about his friendship to girlfriend about me. He wanted to leave NY and come to NV with me. Well when confronting the girlfriend of 7 years she didnt know that I exist and that another one existed at his job. Threatnening to stab me when he call me on my cell phone. Matthew called me every explicit thing you can imagine. I only told the truth to his girlfriend about what he was up to. Matthew you are the slut what type of man has a younger women providing for him. She bought you a car and a bowflex. Dont you own anything of your own. You are not independent just a leach and a male slut. I thought you were my friend and something more but you can not be friends with someone that lies to you all the time. Oh by the way psycho take your paraonid/ bipolar schizophrenia pills they might just help you.

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