Mandi Foster of Mandi’s Social Club Dallas Lewisville Farmers Branch Texas

Mandi Foster dob 11/21/76 of Lewisville Farmers Branch Dallas Fort Worth is a bipolar and schizophrenic std infested whore with zero self esteem. She started The now-defunct Mandi’s Social Club on to get people to idolize her and it failed miserably- everyone in her group only went to make fun of her for being so psycho. Even the venues made fun of her. Mandi’s vagina smells worse than a sewer and she is bisexual: Her underweAr has poop stains in them and she has horrid breath. When she gives blow jobs her snaggle tooth cuts on the penis and hurts. The sight of Mandi is so disgusting and her voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard. No wonder no man wants her, not even a black guy or illegal alien

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