I “met” Brooke Monroe when I went for an appointment at White Orthodontics in Richmond, Virginia back in December 2017. She works there as a receptionist and she started calling my home number from the personal information that I gave to the staff. I thought the information that I gave was confidential, but the owner of White Orthodontics doesn’t seem to care that one of the staff is using patient information to stalk people.

Long story short, she told me over the phone (she had already called 5 times) that she got AIDS from her last boyfriend and wants to screw over (her words) as many men as possible. She told me if I didn’t have sex with her she was going to tell the police that I raped her.

I was able to get a stalking protective order against her and the Richmond court ordered her to seek mental health counseling.

She is insane, and she wants to spread her AIDS infection to as many people as possible. Stay clear of this psycho.

She uses the names Brooke Monroe, Brooke Nicole, lilwitchhh, and bnmonroe.

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