Layne Adkins/Maghnus Maguire

Uses two different names Layne Adkins/Maghnus McGuire of Denver Colorado he is into open relationships met him at the Denver Eagle.. Maghnus doesn’t tell people he may be infected with Syphillis.. Many people in the business warned our group away from him some stating his recent sexual partner tested positive for HIV/AIDS and had since died.. Other people stated or rumored he attempted to infect a recent sexual partner with Syphillis in an act of revenge against them.. Night we spent in Denver he repeatedly approached Us exposed himself and it appeared he had a oozing pus filled wound near his penile area.. Others warned Us to not let him touch you or near you because he is a hustler and emotionally unstable with violent tendencies.. Others stated he is involved in robbing others and burglarizing homes as well.. Keep it away from you she is a STD infection waiting to happen..

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