Lakeisha Holman, Austin, Texas

LaKeisha Toree Holman (AKA Toree) lives in the Austin area. She is originally from Nacogdoches, TX where she needs to return. She is on welfare, does drugs, not much of a mother with many baby daddy’s. She is a homewrecker and Bipolar! She sleeps with married men and then stalks their wives! She slept with my best friends husband and when he called it off; she started stalking him and harassing the wife. BE AWARE OF THIS UGLY ass LIGHT SKIN MONKEY!!!!! Be careful men because she is a walking “STD”. Men and women be on the look out for this homewrecker from Austin TX. Her address is 6701 LaSalle, Austin, TX 78723. Give her a shout out at 512-825-9569. She has a food truck called Soul on the Go! Please don’t eat from this truck. The Health Department has been called three times. If you see this girl RUN!

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