Kelly Sainato (Ryan) kdak kelly

This bitch gave my friend herpes then come to find out she is married with a shitload of kids, I would have never thought that with all the drugs she was doing. She is crazy when you tell her you dont want her she is still trying to get with my boy blowing up his phone. Capital crazy!! Who knows what else she gave my boy, he said he started itching right after her. Said she was sloopy and super loose, not even worth the STD wtf bro! Stay away from this crazy chic I feel bad for her husband. Wake up dude, she was that easy how can you not see that and you must know her crazy side!! Herpes/crabs/HIV warning!!! Caution tape! Now my bro gotta love with this you whore!!

12 thoughts on “Kelly Sainato (Ryan) kdak kelly

  1. Wow Amy zelena nice job in being vindictive and lieing about Kelly like this. You must really hate your life to try to ruin and destroy other people’s lives. Everything you have said isn’t true about Kelly and because of this and things you are saying and making up your doing damage to people that didn’t deserve it. Your an evil person Amy and you karma will certainly get you. If anyone ever reads this about Kelly don’t listen or believe it because she is not this person which is implied here. She’s a good caring mother and an honest wife. This was all created by Amy zelena from.galloway new Jersey .

  2. This is the real Kelly, first off I have no std at all and this is from an Amy Zelena that has the herpes and hiv. Look her up and u will see her. She garrasses my husband who won’t give her time or day. We begged over and over her stop harrassing us and leave us alone. She harrassed my daughter whom are all from the same man!!! Every child of mine has the same father. I don’t sleep around and this is disgusting and shameful someone will make this up about an innocent person. She wrote my husband bragging about this post she wrote. I have proof I will send as well her mother admitting her daughter has herpes. I’m so upset over this as this is just a game these people. They have many fake fb profiles, and they harrass innocent people. I’m involved in all my kids school functions and well known so please I’m asking remove these lies., Amy Zelena has track record for harrassing people, criminal record and on numerous sites about her.. she lied father of her kid about her std then came clean after she became pregnant and couldn’t hide the truth no more. Please the administration take this post and my picture down!! Not fair to us that don’t have any std.. I will be happy provide medical records proving these r lies..

  3. Please do not feed into this stuff!! Btw Amy Zelena is now Amy Elizabeth on fb she has picture of her child that has deformation due to her drinking consistitly and smoking 2 packs day while pregnant.. she called my husband while pregnant drunk!!!

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