Josh Baca Flushing NY

Josh Baca – Flushing NY – 347 973 3674 137-60 45th Ave Flushing NY apt 5F

This particular person is known as kinkyAnonBottom on grindr. The first time you meet him, he is ok with you using a condom, except that he says that he hopes that you’d go bareback. However, when you meet him the second time, he tells you not to come unless you’re going to go bareback and cum inside of him. (Other people have made the same complaint about him) He is also a drug user, although I’m not sure what drugs he uses (he admitted this via text message)

After the second time I met him, April 16, I noticed yellow fluid oozing from my urethra 3 weeks after I met him. My penis was also itchy. I had an STD panel performed, and later that week the results came back that I tested positive for chlamydia.

Before I received the results for the STD panel, I confronted him about it, and he promptly blocked me and wouldn’t respond to any text message either. I feel that this individual is extremely dangerous, as they could be infected other people as we speak.

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