John Giavridis (HIV), Athens Kifissia

This post is not intended to slander the person mentioned below, but to serve as a warning to people who might come into contact with him, of his reckless behavior.

John Giavridis (Γιάννης Γιαβρίδης) went through a frenzy in 2015 of infecting as many women as he could with HIV (AIDS) through unprotected sex. He has been described as a malicious and manipulative person, and particularly forceful in regards to sex.

John Giavridis is a resident of the North Athens suburb of Kifisia. A Google search brings up his company name, including his photos, and personal information such as company address and telephone numbers on his website:
T. J. Giavridis Marine Services Co. Ltd.
16 Georganta Str., 145 61 Kifissia, Greece
Tel: (0030) 211-1042000, (0030) 210 4516195, (0030) 210 4184890, (0030) 210 4180593
Fax: (0030) 210 4182432
Personal mobile: (0030) 693 620 1988

Facebook: John Giavridis –

If any further persons have been affected by John Giavridis’ malicious behavior, please contact me via email, so that we can bring him to justice.

I give you my assurance of confidentiality in all correspondence.

Catherine Fynds –

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