Joe Baker – LaFollette, Tennessee

Watch out! This dirty pedo douche targets teenage girls. Years ago, he snagged his wife when she was only 14. Joe likes getting into underage girls’ panties! Now Joe and his wife have foster children in their home ~ teenage girls. They only foster teenage girls! Joe tries to get his dick wet with them, and his stupid, conditioned wife just accepts it. If the girl doesn’t cooperate, Joe’s wife makes the foster girl and her husband spend more time together alone, so Joe can get into her panties, with no problem.

Corey Joe Baker, who goes by his middle name, Joe is a sick man. He likes to fuck girls with no protection. Both Joe and his wife, Emily also had threesomes with nasty crab 🦀 stank pussy, Elise Brown too (who is also on here). And Joe will stick his cock inside any young girl whenever he gets the opportunity. He fucked around on his wife with a tattooed slut, named Katie who worked with him. This dirty married man is a walking disease who is always looking for young, tight, illegal pussy! Stay away!

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