Jimmy Emerson Mr. Fabulously Funny Friday

Jimmy has the HIV/AIDS STD related death sentence is sleeping with the homeless.. During his pay them for gay sex his home became infested with bed bugs due to the homeless sleeping with them.. During his show at the Las Vegas Eagle and the Badlands Saloon he dropped them onto unsuspecting customers of both places spreading the bugs across Las Vegas… Rumor is he made a phone call to the management at the Diva’s Las Vegas show reporting Frank Marino for not paying to the Make A Wish charity in order to get his own show on the strip.. Michael Shottafer was so intoxicated he slurred it out between drinks at the Badlands Saloon during Jimmy Emerson’s show.. Like most show people Jimmy is a conman and scam artists targeting the vulnerable senior members of the community for swindles and such.. Keep it away from you at all times..

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