Jeremy Sherman Tyler

I was raped by Jeremy Tyler in 2016. He works for River City Tattoo in Richmond and Skin Thrills in Roanoke.

Police refused to press charges because I was drunk at the time and Jeremy Tyler claimed it was consensual. I would never have sex with someone as nasty looking as him!

He has AIDS because he used a dirty needle when he was a heroin addict. He’s a piercer so anybody that gets a piercing from him is at risk!

Young girls beware! He’s a predator and it’s possible he will try to rape you if you go into River City for a piercing!

Oh yeah, he goes by the name “boofapoop” on the internet. I wouldn’t be surprised if he downloads child porn at work. Sometimes he uses the alias “Jeremy L Booth” or just “Jeremy Booth” so he can avoid the sex offender registry when people google his name.

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