Jade Thelwell – Toronto Canada

I met up Jade Naraine aka Jade Thelwell so called “singer” more than 3 years ago on a dating app. We only been on 2-3 dates and up to these days Jade Naraine is still pestering, stalking and harassing me.
She wrote countless of lies on all sorts of website just because I was not interested in her and turned her down. She claims that she was my girlfriend. Like WTF, we only met 2-3 times !! This girl is a delusional liar!
Later, I found out that Jade Naraine did the same to many other mens that she met online. She just can’t handle rejection.
The problem with Jade is that she is extremly dull, boring, superficial and narcissist. She thinks that she is a God’s gift to mens but she is a complete nightmare !
She is also nothing to look at, and to be honest, even with tons of makeup, Jade Naraine has hideous acne.
Jade Naraine also admits that she is an escort that sleep with mens in exchange of money on seekingarrangements.com. She must be riddled with STDs ! Beware!

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