Frank Krow also known as William Robert Moreno

William Robert Moreno contracted HIV in 2014 after having unprotected sex with an infected prostitute in Washington DC.

He has molested several children in Loudoun County, Virginia but is never convicted because he claims his autism made him do it. For some reason, it works every time in the courts.

William Moreno also goes by the name “Frank Krow” or “frankkrow.” He uses those aliases for several social media profiles.

He claims to be an artist and drives down to Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond to sell his artwork. It was never followed up by the police, but an art student at VCU accused William Moreno/frank krow of raping her and biting her on her back.

Sick stuff. Avoid him and his “art exhibitions” at all costs.

One last thing, he is known to submit artwork for Magic Bullet Comics and once drew a depiction of himself raping several teenagers.

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