Esley Hall – DeBusk Services Group – Knoxville, Tennessee

Esley Hall from Rockwood, Tennessee is a liar, con artist, and disease carrier. He has unprotected sex with loose, diseased women!

Esley Hall now works for DeBusk Services Group in Knoxville, Tennessee. He is dishonest. Esley scams workers out of their pay. He scams other companies out of money, by overpricing. Esley is a snitch, a backstabber, a cheater, and a home wrecker. He screwed around with married woman, Elise Brown (a worthless teen mom/high school dropout) and promoted her, by having her scam her way to a vacant manager job, with a lame online degree, instead of giving that job to someone who was more qualified. Elise Givens-Brown moved her way up, by sucking Esley Hall’s cock.

Esley is now remarried but that does not stop him from nailing Elise’s diseased, stinky pussy! He takes that filth home to his wife. It’s like sticking a hot dog in a fondue pot full of sewer water and syphilis and then sticking the dirty hot dog into somebody else’s mouth!

Elise Brown spreads for all the black cock in Knoxville and she insists on taking the dick in the raw. She likes it in her mouth, pussy, and ass. You can fuck this whore with no condom. Give her a call, if you aren’t afraid of her diseased, dirty 🦀 cunt: (865) 740 – 6979

Esley Hall stole his last job from his uncle, by being a backstabbing snitch. Esley Hall is a sociopath with no remorse. He is selfish, self-serving, and only cares about himself. He will even stab a family member in the back to get what he wants. Avoid this psycho!

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