Emily Chase who lives in Schaumburg il and is in her early 20s and works at a rehab facility for people with disabilities in mchenry il.

She gave me chlamydia and three of my male family members as well and one included my 85 year old grandfather who had unprotected sex with her. Also she has caught gonorrhea and has pubic lice as well as crabs in the past few years that she kept secret from her partners. Also there was a HIV scare that she had earlier this year that caused her to have to report to all her sexual partners who number up to 40 men in a two year span. Watch out for her she is a black widow and an std carry thot who lives to gain sexual favors from unsuspecting men she meets on the internet and she has a preference for Latino men and Black men who live in Chicago,IL. I’m here to warn any man who is interested in her to watch out and leave before its too late. She has a facebook profile and here is the link so every man can know who she is which is or https://www.facebook.com/emily.chase.77

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