Edyn Mackney, Australia, Blacklisted Youtuber

There are a few facts about the Youtuber, Edyn Mackney who is from Australia:
1. She is a horrible and horrific racist evil bigot who happens to be against Black men especially.
2. This has manifested itself in terms of her being against having a serious relationship with Black men or these dark-skinned men especially because she absolutely loathes and detests their skin color and skin complexion.
3. Therefore, due to this fact she must be completely condemned for being the sick-minded, evil-minded, filthy, dirty, nasty, unclean, and disgusting skin color racist and skin color discriminatory person and woman that she most certainly indeed is.

5 thoughts on “Edyn Mackney, Australia, Blacklisted Youtuber

  1. Peter Rastus Bromfield aka Haseeb2 posted this nonsense.

    Bromfield (Haseeb2 on Youtube) is a half-black male who is obsessed with white females, and hates the fact that most (if not all) white females don’t have the time of day for him and other males who look like him. Typical BM attitude – hates rejection from white girls.

    Bromfield has had problems in the past with stalking white women. His aggressive behavior has also landed him in jail. This is how he deals with his rejection now. It’s a lonely world for a homely mixed breed male who’s obviously a loner and an ASD sufferer.

  2. The poster of the profile and “Greg” are the same person. If you think I belong in jail, then by all means contact the Tempe, AZ police department so they can come to arrest me and put me in jail tonight. I dare you to do that. You have an awful not of shit on me so it can’t be that difficult to get me put in jail, can it? fuck you bitch

  3. Hello,

    I would like to ask “Greg” something… If Peter suffers from ASD, then why are you badgering him about his behavior which is probably related to ASD? What do you get out of attacking mentally ill or (presumably mentally ill people)? I mean if he has ASD, he cannot help himself can he? In short, why don’t you try to pick on someone your own size? You seem like a pretty fucking pathetic person Greg. People like you get their asses kicked.

  4. No, Bruce J (or Peter James Bromfield)

    Why is this ASD sufferer making up phony reports about women that he has never met or doesn’t even know?

    If he is too mentally sick to be exposed, reprimanded, or “badgered” for doing wrong, then he has no business being on the internet. His brain and his emotions are that of a child, and he should not be allowed to use the internet, unless he is under strict supervision.

    People like you need to mind your own business.

  5. My point is, why are you so bothered by a mentally ill person? Another question, what is the difference between a person’s brain and his emotions? Let’s say he has the brain of a five year old… Then why are you going ape shit over a man who has the mind of a five year old? Furthermore, if you are that bothered by him, I think the intelligent thing for you to do is to contact the police in his local to his activities can be monitored. Instead of talking shit about him, why don’t you take action and simply shut your ignorant pie hole? I mean seriously there must be a more effective way of dealing with a mentally ill person than constantly talking shit about him.

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