Donald J. Trump – Washington, DC

Official sources have announced a new series of lawsuits against one Donald J. Trump, alleging that several women have been having an affair with the president, and subsequently have contracted HIV from him. Trump has tried to keep this hidden, going to great lengths to silence anyone who dares to out his secret. This just further validates that Trump tries to control over the media and will stop at nothing to abolish free speech and the freedom of the press.

When confronted, Trump confirmed that he was having an affair with multiple women, and even went so far as to admit that he contracted HIV from a Russian prostitute offered to him by Putin during a visit Trump made, but subsequently denied the claim later into the interview with the associated press. Whitehouse sources have confirmed that the Russian prostitute was not the only secret affair. Detailed accounts of at least 3 separate women that Trump has had an affair with while on “vacation” have begun to surface. It looks like the scandals will never stop….

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