David A. Brown, Corryton, TN

This is the husband of the filth and disease carrier, Elise Givens-Brown. Stay away from this nasty scumbag! He is a cheater too, who is loaded with whatever crabs and diseases that Elise has.

David Brown is a horrible boss, among other things. He is a sneaky lowlife cuckold who lives in denial and refuses to believe that his wife is the nastiest whore around. Everybody at PCI Knoxville saw David Brown’s wife, Elise spread eagle, welcoming big black cock in her big mouth, stinky pussy and gaping asshole!

This piss-poor excuse of a man was trained well by his idol, Esley Hall. David still abides by those same, corrupt habits. He too rips off his workers. Not only that, but he also breaches safety violations everyday, on the job. David Brown almost murdered one of his workers, from his negligence. One guy fell into a river of waste and nearly drowned. David watched from afar, pulling on his dick, not doing anything, until he knew he had to.

This loser caters to drunks and other lowlifes on the job, because he knows they are easy to control and are no threat to his supervisor position. David bends over backwards, breaking safety rules to cater to the company misfits, but he treats the decent personnel (who work hard and show up on time), like shit!

David Brown is a waste of sperm and a hypocrite! No wonder his wife fucks around on him. He just isn’t man enough to satisfy that stretched-out nympho! David is no better in the cheating department, either. He messes around on Elise too. He was fucking a young tattooed whore, named Katie, who also worked at PCI. He did it to get one over on his promiscuous wife.

This guy has a lot of problems! He couldn’t operate a lemonade stand without ripping people off, or causing some sort of drama. David Brown is a spineless weasel and a pathetic boss to work for.

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