Darren Ambler : Sexual Addict/ Predator/ Pervert/ Con-Artist/ Pathologica Liar- Abusive- Mentally ill- STD Carrier: Cherry Hill Township NJ:

Darren Ambler seduced me into a purely Sexual relationship starting back in 2016. This over sexed, mentally ill creep pursued me and literally stalked me. I found out later that Darren Ambler has been battling Sexual Addiction and Perversion for quite some time. He used me as a sexual pawn to satisfy his sick lustful perverted desires. Darren Ambler repeatedly lied to me and cheated with Prostitutres and a series of unsavory females with low moral standards. Darren has no Morals- Class- Ethics or Conscience for that matter. Darren Ambler is a former drug addict turned sex addict. He must seduce females and have sex and oral sex acts to maintain homeostasis or he will probably go into Sex Withdraw.
Darren is very “Unattractive” He has ZERO personality, he is Cheap, Demanding and enjoys controlling women through some very bad SEX and ORAL SEX acts. Darren Ambler is Horrible in bed, He also has a MICRO-SIZED wee wee which only adds to his unattractiveness, he is insecure and he is seeking companionship and some kind of sexual release. Has serious mental problems and Darren is absolutely OCD to say the least.
Darren Ambler is a known Internet Abuser. He ususaly stalks his SEXUAL PREY well in advance. He is upfront about what he is seeking SEX SEX SEX ORAL SEX- Pornography and Filthy- Vulgar Talk. darren Loved to strip naked. Believe me it is a Gross site. Darren looks much better fully clothed. Darren is a Pathological LIAR and lied to me all the time about our relationship and other women. He thinks being a scum bag playboy is Classy. Darren is generally a selfish, naive, unaware IDIOT. His whole life is about ME- ME- ME- ME- Very self centered. I was used for sex and I was verbally, psychologically and sometimes sexually abused by the UGLY Animail. No wonder Darren’s wife took off. Who in their right frame of mind could stand an UGLY- SELFISH- Four eyed Dork. Not a truthful bone in his 135 pound scrawny body.
I was vulnerable when Darren first forced me into sex. He took advantage if me. Darren has no feelings, self-respect, dignity or sense of reason or reality. My girlfriend nick-named Darren “Space Cadet” and the “Dork From Mars”! Due to Darren Ambler’s Lust, Lies, Obsession and Cheating I have a reoccurring and serious STD. All the treatments I received over many months seem to be in vain. The infection keeps coming back. Also- I also get reoccurring Yeast infections and strange discharges. Had this liar told the truth this never would have happened. To my knowlwdge Darren Ambler is 40 years old, mentally sick, sex perverted, controlling ane he will screw anyone out of desperation and necessity. He feels he has every right to violate you. Darren is not well liked by anyone.
This man is a danger and menace to females and society in general. He is an EXCELLENT LIAR and CON-MAN. Do not fall for him or his vicious lies. Darren Ambler preys on a female’s insecurities. Once he realizes you are weak and lonely he closes in for some rough dirty SEX which includes Pornography. A very sick- demented and low class person. Once this Jerk is tired of you he casts you aside like Thursday Nights Garbage. Darren Ambler is GARBAGE and sould be treated as such. LADIES BEWARE do not become his next victim. Darren offers nothing but illness- havoc- turmoil and ruination of your life. If darren solicits you for sex or related activities tell him to go PLAY with himself. I am sure he has done that many times also.
Darren Ambler now resides at 12 Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill Township NJ. Cherry Hill is located South outside of Trenton NJ. Darren works as a Licensed Pharmacist at an organization called EXPRESS RX in Florence NJ. I m sure he is a PERVERTED Pharmacist also. Darren Ambler lives a double life and he is not a NICE guy at all. BEWARE……………….Do not date Darren Ambler and Do not have SEX with this sick predator. Call authorities if he harasses you in any way including SEXUALLY. He is a pitiful human being who offers nothing. Darren’s face is enough to cause one to VOMIT. Darren Ambler ( I later learned) has had sex with Prostitutes within Trenton/ Mercer NJ. Also, this creep also had a sick vulgar sexual affair with an 65 year old female suffering from Osteoporosis and Bladder problems. Darren is SICK, what normal 40 year old man has sex with a women old enough to be Darren Ambler’s Mother. That whole situation is Vulgar and Disgusting. Screwing an old lady for kicks . Darren Ambler has some very odd SEX Fettishes………………….BEWARE:

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