Darren Ambler: Sex Addict/ Pervert: Pathological Liar/ Mentally ill: Stalker- Infected me with an STD “CHLAMYDIA”- Yeast Infections: NJ:

UPDATE: Darren Ambler residing in Delran NJ is 39 years old. He is a sneak- liar- Sociopath- sex addict- He gave me Chlamydia. This Creepy Jerk lied and used me for sex. Darren Ambler cheated behind my back and had sex with Prostitutes and women with Questionable Moral Standards. Darren Ambler has NO morals- breeding or class for that matter. I fell ill after being with this low life dirt bag Darren Ambler. Tests confirmed CHLAMYDIA. This dirty jerk has a lot of nerve screwing behind my back. Darren Ambler is the lowest form of slime that exists….A true liar and sociopath. Darren is seriously deranged in the head. He was so desperate for sex he carried on an intense sexual affair with a 68 year old Grandmother last summer. What a sick human being- having sex with someone old enough to be his Mother….Darren Ambler belongs in a Mental Hospital Permanently.
Darren Ambler is dangerous- Spreading STD’s to other partners can be a crime. I hope this low life Deranged sex addict understands that. Darren Ambler is disgusting and leaves much to be desired. He was addicted to dirty sex- oral sex and Pornography! Darren enjoyed nudity and filthy talk….He is an Internet Predator especially when it comes to sex web sites. Darren lives a life of lies- sex- secrets and conning people. He is a bad human being. Darren Ambler should have his kids taken out of his custody for being an incompetent immoral father. God knows how many women Darren Ambler has infected. Of course- I am sure this pathological liar would deny this….But I have the proof that is all that matters….
I also suffer from repeated Yeast Infections because of Darren Ambler’s multiple sex partners and lies. Justice must be done now. Health Officials have tried to reach Darren Ambler and of course the coward runs and hides like an immature baby. Darren is a wimp that will soon face the serious consequences for his inappropriate- immoral criminal actions. Grow up you jerk!
Darren Ambler will soon answer for his filthy sexual lies and behavior. Health officials will force testing upon Darren Ambler and it will be made public….Anyone else who had Intercourse with this idiot please get tested….Your health is everything! Please OTHERS BEWARE of Darren Ambler. He stalks the Internet and social network sites…..He can be quite charming and manipulative but all he wants is SEX- Oral Sex and filthy vulgar acts…………………He feels he should suffer no consequence for his sick heartless actions…
If Darren Ambler solicits you call Authorities………Darren Ambler is a Pharmacist for an establishment called “EXPRESS SCRIPTS” or EXPRESS RX in Florence NJ: This loser must be stopped at once:

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