Damaged Goods

Michael Shottafer currently emotionally damaged and disabled goods complains about how his life isn’t worth living.. He is currently HIV/AIDS positive and infecting young homeless drug addicted guy men through sex.. Michael is also running a vandalism campaign he asks for money to donate to charity.. Five thousand dollars three thousand will go to him and Bill Marbeck of 4029 Angel Face Street North Las Vegas Nevada.. They follow you then have your car towed away later in the evening by a friend at a tow yard in the Las Vegas region.. If your lucky five hundred to get it back if your unlucky the tow yard loses your car never to be seen again.. Keep the two AIDS/HIV infected criminals away from you at all times.. The other thing they do is drop bed bugs in a home if the donations isn’t enough or you have a burglary later usually within days of being a guest/thief in your home..

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