Dale Edwards/ Sexual Predator/ Pervert/ Abusive

Dale lures women online, then manipulates them into sending him nudes and unsavory photos for his sick collection and use. He then grooms women over time, telling them he is lonely and things would be different with him, how he is a stand up guy etc. By the time the woman is dumb enough to visit and or move in with him, he sleeps with them not telling them he has Herpes 1 and even goes so far as to tell the woman of course he was tested and is totally negative for everything. He is verbally abusive and a chronic liar, he tries to keep his women mentally broken and compliant by telling them they are fat and lazy and when in an argument he goes like he is going to hit her then stops at the last second as another way of trying to control her. He is rather obese and has a failed gastric bypass and yet tell his women he doesn’t want them to be any more then 165 ish pounds. So not only are then then dealing with the sexually transmitted disease but then are mentally and emotionally broken. He is very up and down with his emotions and has absolutely no control over his behavior, and when told he might want to speak to his therapist about possibly being bipolar or other possible mental illnesses he admits to lying to the counselor so they don’t know what is really going on with him. He threatens to commit suicide just to be able to manipulate and control situations. He is a predator to any woman online and is an internet addict and goes into adult games to gain control of unsuspecting women then sleeps with them and gives them herpes. Be warned.

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