Clare Martin Allen Texas 214-718-0533

Clare is 42, fat and lazy. Never worked one day in her life unless u count putting on lipstick, eating, and editing her photos to look thin. Clare got traded in by x husband Barry, and took him to cleaners, thought she wealthy with his Ericsson 401k. Latched on to David Nelson thinking he rich. David had to downsize houses already after 1 yr of feeding Clare while she cheats on him and neglect her son. Clare gained 100 lbs since divorce. No amount of makeup covers it up. Her selfies show more of her face to hide her fat rolls. She overshare on social media 24-7. She check in at the bathroom toilet. She don’t tell about her myriad of stds so I will. Chlamydia , gonorrhea, hepatitis, vaginal odor smell like a sewer. Her dream of being discovered at Shops of Legacy or Galleria are gone. Clare’s rep sux, she cause drama with everyone. Terrible mom neglects Caleb, good he has dad that loves him, not to act like Parent of year like Clare do. David Nelson will dump her any day. To fulfill Clare’s dream of being on Real Housewives of Dallas show she has to be a wife. David will never marry her. The fat ugly snoot without makeup is a nightmare. She stay in Allen and her number is 214-718-0533

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