Christopher Michael Routt/ Chris Routt / Veterans Affairs/ Alabama and Dallas Texas

HIVPositive, dx in 2016

Christopher Michael Routt /Chris Routt 1-5-81 works for Department of Veterans Affairs in Alabama and Dallas Texas. Violent alcoholic and junkie on every medication known to man. Uses his veteran status as excuse to control females like my friend Ashley that he stalked and trapped in relationship for four years. Kept moving in/moving out with her while cheating with girls. Busted up her belongings and beat her but police in Alabama sided with Chris due to him being a veteran. Chris did time in prison in the 90’s & was arrested multiple times. Combative and argumentative and domineering and steals controlled substances to sell to public and/or barter for acid & other illegal drugs. Trying to lure Ashley to Texas and when she refused threatened to have her arrested for stealing his stuff that he actually gave her via written contract. Called me a whore and said me and Ashley were lesbians because I wouldn’t let him abuse and control Ashley. He preys on vulnerable females and is a violent drunk. Beware.

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